Thursday, February 11

Happy what?

So, it's Valentine's Day on Sunday. It's a day so many people look forward to, to being loved up, spoiled and generally having a mushy day.

Not in this house.

For three weeks now, Mark has been grumbling on about how it's all a media and consumer hype to rake in the cash from the general public. My protestations of, 'but it's a day to let someone that you love (ie, me) know how you feel about them'.

I'm sure I've mentioned before, in fact I know I have, that Mark is the most unromantic person I've ever known. He is not demonstrative, at all. I'm a touchy, feely type of person. I need to know that I'm loved and there is nothing better than getting a cuddle for no reason. But that never happens in our house. I am supposed to know he loves me by the fact that he comes home every night, or by the fact that he made me a cup of coffee. (also a rare occasion).

I e-mailed the message above to him at work today. He replied (there's an achievement in itself) saying 'oh how well you know me'. LOL

So will he or won't he? Will he bother buying a card despite all his complaints, just so that it makes me happy? Or will he stick to his guns and say it's all a huge waste of time and money?

Time will tell. 


  1. I know that MAdDad loves me and I also know that he and the boys will make me cards whilst I have my lie in on Sat. I dont mind not getting flowers

  2. I know my little girl has made me a card! Hope you get something lovely x

  3. I love the message!
    Then again, I also love being made a fuss of, even if just for one day of the year. My daughter made me a card at school. She ate the biscuit she made, though...!

  4. Phil is a bit anti-Valentine's Day but we do buy each other presents. Apart from that he's pretty unromantic!

  5. I utterly love that 'card' Annie, my guy is pretty romantic and demonastative(sp?) of how he feels about me (breakfast in bed, cuppas, handholding when out, snuggling up on the sofa of an evening) are all fairly common place, but we both have a MAJOR aversion to Valentines Day (even though technically it was our first ever date some 11 years ago), we got eachother a present last year (our first valentines together) but didn't bother this year, but i was very pleased with and appreciative of the lovely meal he cooked me