Wednesday, October 21

That's me told then.... !

About a month ago now, I had a really bad cold. Normally I can carry on (ish) with a cold, but this one floored me. Then I developed a cough. It was a loose but hacking cough, but I got on with life. The cough just wouldn't go away. Over the weekend the cough changed and my chest got really tight. Then it felt like someone had punched me in the ribs both sides at the back. Monday morning, I tried to get a Dr's appointment. None available. On Tuesday morning I went to the surgery for 8.30am as our surgery is notorious for not having appointments. It's a first come, first served basis. Even at 8.30am (dragging poor Isabelle along, ready for school, in the freezing cold!) no appointments! I tried again this morning... aha.. 25 past 9! Yay! The bad news is it was with Dr Preacher. Dr Preacher isn't actually his name, but every time I go and see him he preaches about various other things to my ailment that I've gone to see him about, namely me smoking and me being over-weight. I had no choice, my chest hurt too much to not go.

Dr - Good morning, what can I do for you?
Me - It's my chest... etc etc (explained how I'd been)
Dr - Do you smoke?
Me - Yes
Dr [Sanctimonious tone] ahhhhhh. [begins sermon on smoking] You're 41 [like I didn't now that already!] you're not a young lady anymore... [ears close and hear blah blah blah]
Me - My chest has been really painful and I have barely smoked yesterday and today, and I've just bought some NiQuitin chewing gum to help me stop.
Dr - It's not going to be easy. It's ok you saying that while you feel ill, but as soon as you feel better, it's a different story.
Me - [hangs head in shame]

He listens to my chest.

Dr - uh-huh, ok. It's not going to help your chest being so over-weight.
Me - Yes I know but have lost 4 stone since October last year, although I have put a bit back on over the summer.
Dr - Just jump on the scales for me. [I've got a bad chest, I don't want to get weighed, I got weighed at slimming yesterday morning].
Me - climbs on the scales.
Dr - Oh, you're heavier than you were in June.
Me - Yes, I put some on over the summer, but I re-joined the slimming club and have lost 7lbs in the last 3 weeks.
Dr - Put some on over the summer? Healthy eating and watching what you eat is going to have to be a way of life for you, as is the non-smoking.
Me [pretty pissed off by this point] [hanging head in shame] yes I know.

As if having a bad chest wasn't bad enough, he reduced me to feeling completely worthless and a waste of space. I'm fat and smoke.. I'm surprised he even let me into his surgery!

He gave me some penicillin as I have pleurisy. So now I'm dreading telling my Mum and Mark because I know they will both start about me smoking, I'll get lectures all round. I do know I have to stop and I'm going to try really hard. But no smoking AND slimming at the same time? and feeling sore and in pain with my chest.. I feel pretty bloody miserable right now to be honest.