Saturday, February 21

The Pox!

Oh dear! I think Isabelle has got Chicken Pox!

I noticed a rather large blistery type spot on her inner thigh when I was getting her ready for bed last night. On closer inspection, she had a couple of really red angry spots on her back, a blistery one on her shoulder and a couple more in her armpit. She also has a couple of small blistery ones on her forehead right in her hairline.

I checked her again this morning, expecting her to be covered in them. She does have a few more, but nowhere near as many as I thought she'd have. She's very pale this morning and a bit quiet (for Isabelle) so I'm keeping my eye on her. I think a trip to the chemist is in order for calpol and calamine lotion, just in case it really is chicken pox.

I'm not feeling brilliant myself today. My lower back is agony! It's just frozen up on me. It took me 10 minutes to get from sitting to standing up straigh. Grrrrr. It's so flippin' annoying when this happens. I'm not going to let it get to me though. Keep plodding on (literally).

Grrrrr, not the best start to the weekend!