Saturday, November 20

The Dragon

Now I may be a bit biased, but my 5 year old seems to be showing some very good drawing skills for her age.

This morning she was painting flags with her dad, for no particular reason. As we live in North Wales (although none of us are actually Welsh) she goes to a Welsh School, and so she decided to paint the Welsh Flag. Have you ever noticed it? It looks like this

Isabelle asked me to draw the dragon. (I can draw, but not THAT well!!) so I got the above picture up on my laptop and suggested she copied it herself. And she did.

I have to say I was gobsmacked... particularly in the face detail. Looks like we have another little artist in the family.

Wednesday, November 17

Grumpy old woman!

I am turning into a grumpy old woman! 

So many things annoy me that never used to bother me... stupid things such as:

Drivers not indicating, especially when I'm sat at a junction waiting to turn right and I sit and wait for the car to go past only to see it turn left into the junction I'm waiting at, with no indication!

My hubby putting his plate in the sink when he's finished his dinner while it still has food on it so that I have to fish the food out of the plug hole afterwards so that the water drains away!

Cold callers on the phone. Bugger off I do not want your x, y, or z, otherwise I'd have phoned you. And I especially don't want your call if you're asking me about protected payment plans. We have NO credit cards, loans or anything on HP. If we can't afford it cash, we don't buy it. And don't sound so shocked when I say we don't have a credit card, that's the way hubby and I have always done things. If we had credit we'd spend it and then be in the shit finacially. The only loan we have is our mortgage, so stop wasting my time!

Back to drivers.. speed humps in the road are designed so that you can go over them at 30mph. OK, I realise you might want to go a bit slower but slowing down to 0 miles an hour when you are going up a hill that has 12 speed humps between the bottom of the hill and the top is really too much to bear, especially when you drive at 40mph between each speed hump. Get your act together!

My son and hubby filling the bin so full it all spills out of the top rather than emptying it and putting a new bin bag in. (ok that's not a new one but it annoys the hell out of me).

Asda home delivery. Whilst I love the fact that Asda deliver my groceries, is it absolutely necessary to put only one item in each carrier bag? When I'm in Asda I'm asked if I want a bag... erm, how else am I going to carry my shopping home. They are so miserly with bags in store they make you feel guilty if you ask for more bags. I always make sure each one is full, so I'm not wasting them, and I recycle them when I'm done, but the over-use of carrier bags on home deliveries is taking the piss. Out of the 20 bags of groceries I had delivered today, if they'd been packed properly I would probably only have had 10 bags at the most, maybe even less.

Parents at School!!! Is it absolutely necessary to stop on the no parking zone outside the school gate to let your child(ren) out of the car? Can't they walk more than two paces to the school gates? The street only has enough room for one car travelling in one direction at a time, so when you park in front of the gate, you hold the entire street up because you can't be arsed to park up and get out of your car. And to other parents who decide to come down the street the other way, surely you realise, after all you do it every day, that the street only has enough room for one car going in one direction with no room to pass.. so why do you insist every day on coming in the other direction causing chaos for everyone? And to the gossipy mums. I have no problem with you gossiping, take all the time in the world, but please move away from standing right in front of the school gates. No one can get in or our when you're stood there. On the occasions you have moved into the school yard, you stand just inside the gates and block the path so that other parents and their children have to walk around you and your push chairs over the muddy grass to get into school. Show a bit of courtesy and move onto the yard itself where there's billions of room. The same goes for home time too.... haven't you gossiped enough during the afternoon together?

Ok, I think that's it for now.. they're the ones bugging me the most. I feel better for that.

Monday, November 15


OOB stands for out of the box. Sometimes when I don't feel like doing anything else, I play with my photographs. Today was one of those days. Here are the results.

All the photographs were taken by me and then 'played with' by me.

Monday, November 8

Time.. where does it go?

Why do I never seem to have enough time? I don't go out to work so I guess I'm a stay at home mum, but good grief, I never seem to stop running about doing this that or the other.

I did however get a little bit of time to myself a week last Friday. (see .. it's well over a week ago already!) and I was invited over to a photography friends house to use his small home studio to take some photographs of Isabelle. Supplied with coffee and hints and tips on photographing a not particularly photogenic child with the attention span of a goldfish.

This is my favourite shot from the day as it really does summise Isabelle. She is a walking talking whirlwind until she decides to read a book (which she does love to do). I love the concentration on her face and the appearance that she's completely lost in the book. Kipper really is too easy for her to read these days, but she still loves it.

and I like this one because it was her own choice of pose and she's looking cute.

Fast forward a week and a bit to yesterday. My hubby, previously know as couch potato has spent the last couple of years getting fit, losing weight, stopping drinking and smoking, and started running. After a couple of half marathons, he decided to do the Hell Up North aka Hell Run through Delamere Forest. Isabelle and I were dragged along for support and praise him at the end for doing well. The run is 12 miles up hill and down dale, avoiding trees wherever possible and ending up running wading through the Bog Of Doom. 

Isabelle and I managed to get ourselves down to the edge of the bog.. and it stank!! As the runners went through we were splattered and covered in mud, it was messy, but we managed to see Mark on his way through. 

 Yes he is up to his waist in mud and water, it was a bloody big puddle in the bog. And he was wearing white shorts!!!
Helping someone through the bog... nice and clean aren't they?

And then this came wading through!! Words fail me LOL it was bloody freezing cold too.