Sunday, June 15

Fathers Day and more

This is a tough couple of days for me emotionally. I was VERY close to my dad. I was his 'princess' :D

After 10 years of being sick and getting gradually worse, my dad passed away 3 days before fathers day 4 years ago. The anniversary of his death is the 16th June... tomorrow... A double dose of dad specific thoughts.

I'm not going to write more about dad until tomorrow. I'll need to get it off my chest tomorrow...

Tiz gave Mark his fathers day card and presents this morning. Bless her, she's only 2 but has managed to keep this 'secret day' to herself for 3 days. We bought his card and present and I told her she wasn't allowed to say anything to daddy until Sunday. Every morning she has asked what day it is (in a whispered voice). This morning she shouted.. wooooooh it's daddys secret day today. She loved giving him the card and present. She absolutely adores her daddy and he her. It's a daily reminder of how my dad and I used to be. It's really sweet and heart warming.

I over-did it yesterday. I was feeling quite good in the morning, so as us fibromites do when we feel okish.. I dashed round doing everything that needed doing... then started to suffer mid afternoon. I went to bed at 10.30 with my book (I rarely go to bed before 11.30 at the earliest!). I just needed to go and lay down. I was also very cold. I couldn't get warm. My hands and feet were like blocks of ice! I didn't have a very restful night either. I kept waking up.. itching! grrrrr. Anyway, today I'm going to HAVE to take it easier. I hurt. I have to go to the supermarket. I've got some washing in and that's about the total of what I'm doing today. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day running about, so I need some energy for that. Hmmm why can't you buy energy on ebay? seems like you can buy anything else.

As a final note...

Happy Fathers Day to anyone who is a Dad.