Thursday, July 17


Birthday madness has come around again. Yesterday was my youngest brother and Isabelle's birthday, today it's my Aunty Sue and my birthdays. Milestones for me and Sue. Sue is 60 and I'm 40. wow! where have the years gone? Sue is the closest of my Aunt's and it seems only yesterday that she was pushing us on swings at the playpark. Sue was always the daredevil Aunt that got stuck in with the kids. She'd be on the swings and slides before us lol. We called her super-sue. Fond memories.

We're all going to Mum's at the weekend to have a joint 4 way birthday celebration. I was looking forward to it until Mum decided to take control and change all plans! grrrrrr.

So Isabelle was three yesterday. She had a fantastic day from start to finish. She was so appreciative of all her presents and was over the moon with her trampoline. Her other favourite present was from Russ. He bought her a little suitcase on wheels with a handle to pull it along behind her. She stashed all sorts in there lol and dragged it around all day. She even took it to the bathroom while she had a bath last night. Bonkers baby LOL

And I'm 40 today. No crisis thankfully. I think I had the age crisis when I hit 30, Oh god that was awful. It's another number, there were numbers before it and there'll be more after it.. I'm very matter of fact about it to be honest. Strange.

Russ brought a lump to my throat. He bought me a Willow Tree figure. This makes number three in the collection. What brought a lump was the one he'd chosen. He got The Angel of the Heart which symbolises 'those that love and are loved'. He put thought into it and chose it himself. A complete surprise to me. It made me so happy.