Tuesday, January 27

Thanks to friends

I just want to say thanks CG and The Bearded One for your comments on my crypticisms post. It's great to know there's someone there to blether on to. Mark only sort of half listens when I start about this sort of thing. It's not 'his bag' as he calls it and doesn't understand (or doesn't want to understand) the in's and out's of online communities. I realise it's hard to understand when you're not part of it, and his simple answer is always, walk away. But it's not that easy to walk away when you've worked 3 years for something, even if it is 'only online' and a lot of people rely on it. I've made a lot of friends online, some of them have become good friends after sorting the wheat from the chaff (meow!).

I have taken a step back from the computer. Got my emotions back in check, and am ready to carry on. It seems funny to thrown an online temper tantrum LOL. It just gets to the point sometimes where I need to take a step back, and stop getting so wound up about things that really shouldn't stress me out. But as always, the niggles and problems all seem to land at once. Hopefully, they are ironed out now and internet life goes on. This is something I cannot just walk away from.. so despite me throwing a wobbly now and then, hopefully, it will continue and will probably cause more temper tantrums in the future.

On a more personal note, I've decided to keep a 'diet' blog separate to this, my main blog. So all my weekly updates and dieting ramblings will now be on my new blog called Annie Gets It Off!! I will probably confuse myself now. Lets face it, it doesn't take much sometimes LOL. But if you want to know how much I lost this week ;) head on over to Annie Gets It Off