Tuesday, April 13

As much as I love her....

...the flags are out this morning!

Isabelle has gone back to school. My rambling, incessantly talking, continuously making things, temper tantrum throwing 4 year old gets to spend the day talking to and making things with someone else... her teachers.

Her teachers are absoultely wonderful and they love Isabelle. They wish for a classroom full of kids like her, she is heaven to have around apparently. Well she is.. to a point.. but two and a bit weeks off school has driven her and me demented. Despite us making things together, baking, creating stuff etc, she gets bored. I can't entertain her for the full 12 hours she's awake, I have other things to do sometimes, but try explaining that to her and she lands on the floor and 'humphs' quite a lot. I don't know where these tantrums have come from. She never really had them before, but having a tantrum and sulking because the cat happened to be sitting where she wanted to sit was one tantrum too far. Threats of her going to entertain herself in her room quietened her, but she still humphed to herself banging her legs on the floor.

My hubby decided that it would be a good idea to take 3 days off, so I still don't quite have the house to myself, although he's gone off on his motorbike this morning to ride into the wilderness to see what he can see. So right now, I have peace and quiet and it's wonderful. 

I really do need to get my butt upstairs and clean the bathroom. Having the worlds untidiest husband and daughter home for days on end means that I'm constantly picking up toilet roll that 'missed' the loo, ewwww (luckily it's only wee), picking up towels and clothes off the bathroom floor etc. But there is the black hole in the corner of the living room that has entrails spilling out into the room itself. This is where everything that Isabelle has had out to play with and things she's made over the last 17 days are now residing. Including a puppet theatre box with sock puppets we made, and I have absolutely no idea where it can actually live. There are also her princess dresses that have crept downstairs and didn't get hung back up in the wardrobe. There is practically a full ream of A4 paper drawings that she has done, cards she's made, paper dolls she designed and made (rolled up balls of paper, tissue for hair and a roll of cellotape holding each one together.. she has an extreme cellotape addiction!). Also in this corner are her easter egg box space ships that the chicks we made before easter are now living in. It's a bit cramped for these 8 little chicks, but hey, that's the price they have to pay if they want to go to outerspace. There are also various other 'things' living and creeping out of this corner (not living as alive, living as in residing) and I really don't know where to start. I may get sucked into the vortex and never come out again alive. But what do I do with it all? She remembers everything she's made and this house is so bad for storage space. I think it might have to go and live in the suitcase under the bed for a while, and if she asks for something specific, I can still go and get it.

One of the problems is that I feel guilty throwing her creations away. She puts so much time and effort into her work and it's very important to her. I do keep things that i think she's done especially well, in my memory box, but she gets through a ream of paper a month at least.. that's 500 drawings or 'things' she's made!

But anyway, bathroom or blackhole? Where to start? Kitchen I think, to put the kettle on for coffee. My Adsa shopping should be delivered sometime between 10 and 12, I might just read blogs till it arrives. The queen of procrastination :)