Sunday, October 5

Another weekend!

It's been a bit of a mixed weekend really.

I had to take Isabelle to the Dr's on Friday evening. She has tonsilitis, as I thought, but the Dr said it's not bad enough to give her antibiotics. Ha! you try living with her while she's not feeling well. So I've been dosing her up with Calpol all weekend. I knew something wasn't right because the three nights before, she'd been up and down all night. The only time she's like that is when she's coming down with something. She's very hoarse today bless her, she's really croaky and has a very short fuse.

On Friday night we bought a game called Buzz for the PS3. It's a quiz / general knowledge game and you have a buzzer to press and answer before your opponent. Mark won one game, I won the other. grrrrrr. We need a rematch. Mark also played a game via the online link. We have no idea who he played but it was quite funny. He lost on the last question. I think I might have to try the online game and beat people I don't know for a laugh.

Today we went to Greenfield Market. Due to being on the Slimming World plan, I eat a lot of meat. The thing with Slimming world is, you have Red days and Green days. Red days are protein days and green days are carb days, although you do have to have a certain amount of each, it just depends on what day you are doing. I tend to do Red days as I'm not a huge pasta, potaotes or rice fan. So I prefer to have unlimited lean meat and count the carbs. So, back to Greenfield Market. They always have a meat van there and I've been a bit.. um.. not sure about buying meat from it - a throwback to my mum never wanting to buy meat from one. But I bit the bullet today and bought 3 big topside of beef joints, some steak, a load of chicken fillets, 13 boneless pork chops and 5 packs of bacon for £35. It might seem like a lot, but when you balance it up against the supermarket, a joint of beef is around £10 each, chicken fillets are £6 for 4 small fillets (the ones I got today are a full side of chicken to each fillet), Pork chops, I can't remember how much but you don't get 13 chops for £10, that much I do know. So, I've put a load in the freezer and it will stretch over a couple of weeks at least. Tonight we're having a mixed grill with steak, pork chop, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and an egg. It's almost cooked! yummm

I spent the rest of today doing a bit of gardening and giving Isabelle 'loves'. While we were in the garden I heard a thump and a huge squark. I turned round and whatever it was had gone. Mark saw it though and said it looked like a faclon catching a bird. He described it and it sounds more like a sparrow hawk catching and making off with a sparrow. awwww poor thing. It made a helluva racket though.

Mark's fixed my 'bird shelf' today. It's not a bird table as it's attached to the side of the garage, but it had warped and was hanging off so badly that I couldn't put bird seed on it as it slipped right off again. Well now it's fixed and it's straight and level. Hopefully Mr Robin won't have to eat off the floor any more and with a bit of luck, once I get some mealworm on there, I can pop my 500mm lens on the camera and get a decent shot of him.