Friday, November 20

I have a naughty brain...

...declared my 4 year old.

I've been having awful problems with her going to the toilet by herself since we went camping at the end of August. She is convinced that our bathroom is now a bug and moth infested area the same as the campsite toilets were. (they were particularly bad I have to admit!).

Nothing I can say or do will convince her otherwise. She always needs someone to go with her. I refuse to pander to her and go with her, especially in daylight. But she ends up saying her wee has gone away and no longer needs to go. She's always been great at going for a wee, been dry since she was just over 2 years old and has very few accidents, but recently, add the dark into the bug fear and she just won't go to the loo alone at night.

It's driving me demented!

So, on trying to discuss the issue with her the conversation went:

Me: What bothers you so you won't go for a wee on your own?
Isabelle: I don't know, I'm just not sure.
Me: Not sure about what?
Isabelle: I'm just not sure
Me: What frightens you about the bathroom?
Isabelle: bugs. There might be bugs in there
Me: There aren't any bugs in there,  but bugs don't hurt you anyway. Don't think about bugs being in there because there aren't any.
Isabelle: I have a naughty brain and it tells me bugs are there.

Is there an answer to that? LOL