Tuesday, February 17


God god! I've half killed myself! Well, that might be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but bloody hell.. how unfit am I?

In my ultimate wisdom, I thought that along with my weight loss (46 pounds lost or 3 stone 3 & 1/2 lbs in case you've not read Annie Get's It Off, My slimming blog) that I really should start toning up the saggy bits underneath all the flab, so that when the rest of my weight comes off, I'll have a nice toned and firm body underneath (LMAO! forgive me while I choke!). Well the intention is there at least.

So off I toddled to Asda to view the latest fitness DVD's. I had heard that the Jayne Torville one is particularly good, and she looks fantastic to be honest, and of course, she is part of the wonderful weekly viewing that is Dancing on Ice (c'mon Ray!!!). Sadly, Asda didn't have her DVD. Bummer! So the choices are, Davina McCall... nope! pass! Colleen Nolan. Whilst I admire what she is putting herself through in DOI and she is only 5 years older than I am, her DVD is too 70's disco for my liking. Next, and last on the shelf if Claire from Steps. OMG no! Please save me from Steps. But I read the back of it and after she left Steps she gained 5 stone! My god! It just shows you how quick you can plonk the weight on. She was a superskinny. But she took stock, got the weight off and gave us the Fat Busting DVD. I thought, hmmm ok, the tunes are by steps but they're singalongable. (is that a word?) so I brought it home with apprehension.

First thoughts when I switched it on was.. thank god she's not a superskinny anymore. She is actually a 'normal sized person' whatever that is, so I didn't feel too bad throwing myself about in front of her LOL.She was surrounded by 5 guys in combat gear (is this supposed to help?) they start the warm up routine. Good grief. What happened to my co-ordination? I've always had pretty good co-ordination. Well you have to have when you're a dancer and gymnast. Ok that was a billion years ago, but woah!!! where did it go. I almost piddled myself laughing at trying to keep up with them on the side step and turn. LOL. Warm up finished.. I was knackered. And the lovely Claire says, well done, your warm up is complete, now choose which fat busting program you want to do next. Actually, I wanted to lay on the floor and die quietly, not choose another program to do. But ... I opted to do the toning exercises because that involved laying on the floor LOL. By the time I'm done, I will have the strongest pelvic floor muscles on earth! and the tightest bum cheeks!! Well you've gotta laugh don't you. It didn't make things any easier that Isabelle joined in, and every time I was doing a 'lunge' she crawled 'under the tunnel'. tut.. LOL. Then I did the warm down, drank a gallon (well maybe not that much) of water but, oddly felt quite good.

On the downside, I think I've irritated my long standing shoulder problem. It's been quite dormant for a long time now, with just the occasional period of aggrivation, but holy cow it's giving me some serious grief at moment! Pain killers, where are you? If it's going to flare up like this, I'm going to have to take it easy on the shoulder exercises that means bearing my weight on them. (floor exercises). It might be time to go and visit my lovely Dr again and get a steroid shot into it so that it doesn't get inflamed and freeze up again. Oh the joys!

I'm going to post this same blogpost on my slimming blog too, so don't get confused if you pop over there and read the same thing twice. You are not going bonkers.. it really is there too LOL