Sunday, November 1

Domestic Goddess?

Well, not quite....

Since trying to stop smoking I have had to find something to do with myself to occupy my time. I ordered a tapestry to sit and do to keep my hands and mind busy, but due to postal strikes (grrrr) it's still not arrived a week later. So I have been doing something I have always loved doing.. baking.

Everyone is going to end up the the size of a house because I'm stopping smoking!!

In the past three days I have baked a fruit cake for Mark, which never lasts more than one day. It is Mark's most favourite food in the whole world (apparently) and he can't just have once slice at a time despite his best intentions. The funny thing is, he doesn't even like fruit cake, until I made this one.. now I have to make at least one a week.

I also made two apple crumbles, as I went to visit a friend on Friday and she has a huge tree full of cooking apples. I came home with a bag full of them, so I stewed them, made two crumbles, jarred some for apple sauce and froze the rest for a later date. The crumbles didn't last long!!

Then yesterday Isabelle and I made some shortbread biscuits. Isabelle insisted that we had some heart shaped ones, despite my intentions of making round ones to put orange icing and sprinkles on for halloween'esque pumpkin looking biscuits. We made some of each.

And today I've just made some flapjack. It smells absolutely gorgeous! And there is a ginger parkin cake in the oven at the moment. The smell wafting from my kitchen as I sit here at the computer is almost too much to bear. It smells like heaven.

One thing I must remember... getting on the scales!!