Thursday, October 2


Well, two days running now, I've eaten breakfast. Shock, horror! I've never really eaten breakfast, but along with the healthy eating plan, I'm trying to change my crappy eating habits.. ie, not eating anything until dinner apart from picking at snacks and fattening things.

Yesterday was day 1 of my 'Food Optimising' as Slimming World call it. I keep being told NOT to call it a diet, it's changing to healthy eating.. [rolling my eyes here]. Anyway, Day 1 went great. Well lets face it, if you have problems on day 1 you're pretty much doomed.

I had breakfast of two weetabix with skimmed milk after I dropped Isabelle off at Nursery. Lunch was malted wholemeal bread (2 slices) with cottage cheese and beetroot (I love beetroot), and a MullerLight Strawberry Yogurt. I enjoyed my lunch. I have never been one for eating wholemeal bread, it just sort of sticks in my throat, but if I eat some form of wholemeal bread I can count it as a 'healthy extra' rather than using points up for white bread. The malted bread was actually really nice. Dinner was chicken with a lemon and mixed herb dressing (made by my own fair hands - lets face it, it's hardly technically challenging to make lol) and then I wrapped the chicken in bacon (all traces of fat cut off [good girl]) and put it in the oven for about half an hour. Served it with leek and swede mash (no butter), carrots and shredded leek and cabbage, and another strawberry yogurt to follow. (The MullerLight Yogurts are free on this plan) Now how healthy is that?? LOL. Mark said that it was delicious, and if this was a taste of things to come with me following the Slimming World plan, then he's going to enjoy eating this kind of food and watching me get slimmer at the same time.

This morning I had to scoot up to Asda right after dropping Isabelle off and I didn't get home again until 10.30. It's a bit too close to lunch to eat a lot for breakfast, but not close enough to not eat. So I've just had another yogurt (I might start looking like a yogurt at this rate! It's a good job they're 5 for a £1 at the moment) and that will keep me going for an hour and a half or so till lunchtime.

I had forgotten how much you pee in the first week of any diet plan! God I can pee for England LOL. I know you lose a lot of fluid in the first week anyway, that's why you get a good weight loss, but flippin' heck, I'll wear my knees out going up and down the stairs. Maybe I should just get a bucket in the kitchen and go on that instead LOLOL. I AM kidding of course.

So tonight's dinner is braising steak with onions and mushrooms cooked along with the meat. More leek and swede mash (cos I love it) new potatoes, carrots and anything else I can find in the fridge.

Sorry for rambling on about food and eating... it's kinda at the top of my mind at the moment until it becomes routine.