Sunday, June 29


Oh dear, I can't believe it's a week since I last posted! Yikes.

Mark is now on holiday for a week. He worked 21 days straight, so it's gone from not seeing him to him being her all the time. I'm not sure which is best lol.

Isabelle has been such good fun this week, apart from today when she's been a complete whiny butt, but she's tired today. She has me in stitches. She started gymnastics two weeks ago. It's more of a tumble session really. They have benches to balance on, floor mats, crash mats and spring boards so that they can get used to the basics. She absoultely LOVES it. I knew she would. She's that type of kid. Very much like I was as a child. She goes on Mondays at 4pm. So she knows that when she goes to playgroup on a Monday, it means it's gymnastics that afternoon. On Wednesday after her playgroup session, she said, can I change Wednesday to be Monday so I can go to gymnastics tonight? Bless her.

She's doing really well learning the days of the week. She's about got them all worked out now and generally knows which day comes next. I took her to bed tonight and she said, oooooh it's Monday tomorrow, that means school and gymnastics, yipeeee for me lol.

I actually got a lie in this morning! This is a very very rare occasion! I only managed to sleep in until 8.45 though, I'm so used to getting up between 7 and 7.30 that my body clock has adjusted. I got downstairs and no one was around. I had my coffee in peace and quiet. an hour later Isabelle burst in the house, it's ok mummy I'm baaaack, was you worried? lol. Mark had taken her to the park. I assumed that's where they'd gone at that time in the morning. She came back with one of her 'collections'. ie, 10 stones and 8 pine cones and 2 sticks, and presented them to me so proudly as if it was a priceless collection. I suppose it is really to her.

We then made some chocolate tiffin bar. Mmmmmm. It's gorgeous, but very sickly. We made some on Wednesday but Mark and Russ ate 90% of it before Isabelle or I got to it. So we made more today.

Chocolate Tiffin Bar

220g margerine
2 dsp sugar
2 dsp golden syrup
4 tbsp drinking chocolate/cocoa
450g digestive biscuits

Melt margerine, sugar and syrup in a pan. Add drinking chocolate and mix well. Crush digestive biscuits into small pieces but not breadcrumbs. Add to liquid ingredients and mix till thoroughly coated. Put into a square dish and press down but not too firmly. Melt a bar of chocolate and pour over the top of the biscuit mix. Leave in the fridge to set (if you can leave it that long). Cut into small squares and enjoy!

Fibro wise, it was a very rough start to the week, but I think the steroid shot has kicked in eventually. I'd say it's been about 85% effective, which is good. General aches and pains as usual. Some nights I just crash out on the couch because I'm so tired but the last couple of days have been okish :)