Wednesday, April 14

Sometimes I worry myself

I have always been an avid reader, but I'm beginning to worry myself about the kind of books I'm enjoying reading at the moment.

I've always loved fantasy novels, starting when I was young with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Over time, it moved on and I read more and more fantasy novels, escaping within the books of witches, dragons, wizards and other wierd and wonderful folk.  I've also always enjoyed history, I mean, ancient history, medieval and further back in time than that.

But what is starting to worry me is the morbid fascination I seem to be aquiring with the evil races or notoriously evil characters in history.

I read a book by Gary Jennings called Aztec. it is still the best book I've ever read.  It's a bit gruesome, but that's how the Aztecs were. They made sacrifices to their Gods, they had to, that's what they believed in. And who are we to say they are wrong for doing this? But anyway, this book was so good and was very close to what's known of the history of the Aztecs.

Then I read a trilogy of books by Tim Severin about the Vikings. A damned good trilogy, factually as close to the truth as is known. Again, a bit gorey, but that's the way the Vikings were. My statement at the end of the trilogy was, they meant well.

Then I read a another trilogy. This time it was about Genghis Khan. Now he was a babaric, blood thirsty man (but he meant well) who killed thousands to gain land and rule. This trilogy had me nose in book for several weeks. I was absolutely fascinated. Again, these books were as factually true as possible... again, this man didn't kill for the sake of it, he had reasons.. he meant well.

There have been other books too, but the titles escape me at the moment, but I have just finished my latest book, which has once again had my nose glued to the pages. This book is called Vlad. It's about Vlad the Impaler, the real Dracula, the one that Bram Stoker based his vampiric Dracula on, only Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracul-a (his real name) wasn't a vampire.  Oh boy, this one was gruesome, factually as truthful as possible and a bit graphic in places.. but my thoughts at the end of this book which told m about this one man who only wanted to protect his kingdom, who had been beaten and tortured as a young man, wanted revenge. He did impale people, in their thousands, but only to protect what was rightly his. He meant well.

These people I have been reading about, I seem to defend. I can see their point of view, and why they did the things they did. I'm not going to say they were right for doing what they did, but I understand why they did it.. if that makes sence?

But why do I get so gripped by these books? I hate horror movies, I'm such a pacifist, I hate anything gruesome or gorey, I can't bare to think of people suffering and being hurt, yet I seem to get to know and understand these horrific murdering characters in these books telling tales of their history. 

Maybe I should try some Mills and Boon... erm.. over my dead body LOL

The Gallery - Joy

The subject for the gallery from Tara @ Sticky Fingers is 'Joy'

As ever, I've tried to stay away from the obvious. My family, my photography (except that i have to post a photograph), my garden that is popping into bloom all over. It was a difficult decision this week to be honest.

I opted to post a shot of my little robin. Well, technically I don't own him, but he's been a constant visitor to my garden all winter.

I don't know what it is about seeing a robin that makes me smile. I mean, there are so many birds that visit my garden, but this little robin always makes me smile. I know his perches when he's on his way to the bird table. He stops at each spot, making sure the next spot is clear to land on before eating cheese and seeds from the bird table.

For the last 4 or 5 days though, he's getting a bit brave. This normally very timid bird is obviously nexting. He's getting so close to the house looking for bits for his nest, that I can stand at the patio doors watching him and he still doesn't fly away. He's just a busy little bird on a mission.

I feel cheated if I don't see him busying in the garden that day.

It might be a strange choice to depict joy, but that's what I feel when I've seen him. Oh and the fact that this photograph was the first decent photograph I got of him after trying for 2 years!