Thursday, July 23

My son, the Rock Star

As I may have (proudly) mentioned before, Russ (19) is in two bands. One is a rock/pop type of band called Yea Boii! and the other one is a Rap/Rock band called Tha Repetitionz. Yea Boii came fourth in the recent local Battle of the Bands. What surprised a lot of people, is that Tha Repetitionz came third. The BotB final was only the third time they'd actually played live.

As good as I think Yea Boii are (proud mum thing), Tha Repz are more my taste in music. A bit heavier and dirtier. Well, Tha Repz, yesterday, finished their first EP and Russ brought home his copy and played it to us. I have to say that these lads sound great (for their first recording session) and I'm sure they'll go a long way. They seem to have something different, and more to the point, they really enjoy what they do, and aren't easily swayed by peer pressure and 'what should' be played. They play what they want and how they want. I particularly like the lead singers voice (Ad), very raspy but he can growl and wail along the lines of Axl Rose.

Of course, this is all my opinion and I may well be swayed by a 'mummy moment', but Russ plays lead guitar along with Sam. They switch between rhythmn and lead depending on the song. Russ seems so much happier in this band. It's more his style and the six of them get along very well. There's no cat calling and bitchiness which sometimes happens in Yea Boii (too many prima donna's).

Now, if only I could find a way of adding a sound clip in here, you could have a listen LOL