Friday, January 16


Well so much for exercise being good for you! The first day after I exercise, I'm struck down with the mother of all colds and a hacking cough! arrghhhh! Mark said it's not a good idea to exercise when you're ill because your body is too busy trying to heal itself that I won't benefit from any exercise. Good! Permission to stop accepted LOL. It's not that I'm giving up on the exercise bike.. I just am not well enough to do it. It's bad enough hauling my carcass off to bed at night and getting up the stairs. So frustrating! When it strikes, IT STRIKES! Hopefully it will clear up a bit over the weekend. I can't be doing with Mark nagging to 'git oot tha hoos' all weekend when I actually just want to curl up and be left alone 'cos I feel so pants.

I've taken it as easy as I can today... I've been listing my mushroom houses, fairy tree house and the cherubs on ebay. One of the cherubs has a bid on it already :) I need to see what fairy doors I have left and get those listed too.

I was thinking about finding out what craft fairs are going to be on in the area and maybe booking a stall to sell my wares at LOL. I'm sure they'd go down well at a craft fair.