Wednesday, June 24


Well, I'm still stuck in that rut! Grrrrr. Someone hand me a ladder to get out. I think it's all down to stress. I can be a bit of a stress head at times. Worrying about money is the biggest stress factor at the moment. Mark has had to take a 5% pay cut in his wages so we will have less money on pay day just in time for the most expensive month of the year bar Christmas. So many birthdays including Isabelle's and mine, my brother, my aunt etc etc... I've promised Isabelle a birthday party and they don't come cheap these days. I've also set my heart on going to the MotoGP practice day at Donington. I HAVE to to, but I'll take the entrance fee as my birthday present. There's nothing I really want gift wise, well lenses, lenses, lenses but they're way out of the price range for a birthday gift for me, so going to the MotoGP to photograph the likes of Rossi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa is birthday present enough. The expensive bit of the trip is the petrol money! But we're going to combine it with a visit to Mum's for the weekend. We haven't been since the end of February and although Mark thinks twice a year is enough to visit either my mum or his mum, my mum doesn't feel the same way and then plays on my conscience which does have a tendancy to be guilt ridden. Plus I'll get to see my niece again. She was born in December and I saw her at two weeks old and again at 2 months old. She's now coming up to 7 months old so it will be lovely to see her again.

On a different subject completely, I looked out of the window last night to see a bright red (and I mean RED) reflection in the windows of the houses near our house. I can't actually see the sunset from my window, but I can tell what it looks like from the reflections in the other houses. So seeing it was bright red, I grabbed my camera and headed to the river. Another powerstation sunset. The colours were gorgeous but I just couldn't capture the red of the sun, and by the time I'd got to the river the sun was fading a bit too much. I'm not sure how I could have captured the real colour of the sun. I tried various settings to no avail. Grrrrr. Frustration. But once I'd got home and edited the best shot, I was quite happy with it. Mark... who is VERY over-critical of my photography and rarely likes any of the stuff I do because he's "seen it before" or it just doesn't do anything for him.. it's a bug.. it's a flower.. it's a sunset etc, absolutely loved this shot and even gave a statement of "brilliant". I was shocked! He just doesn't do praise about my photography.

I was a bit miffed because there were several herons stood in the water and I only had a short lens with me, and when one of them flew right past me I was really pigged off because I just hadn't got enough zoom to get the shot. Ah well.. another time.

So here's the powerstation sunset. As always, click on the image to view it full size.