Friday, March 6

My little people

Every now and then I do something strange. Well I don't think it's strange, I think it's a great idea, but it seems that other people seem to wonder if I've lost the plot or something.

Photographically, I've been in a bit of a rut. Although I enjoyed taking photographs at the zoo, I'd done it before. Inspiration had dried up!

Then it hit me... a new idea. I went on ebay, as I do, and ordered some 'little people'. See.. you think I've lost the plot now eh? LOL

These people are tiny, only 4mm tall. They are actually meant for model railway set ups, but I bought a set of little housewives doing some cleaning. I've also ordered some construction workers but they've not arrived yet. Watch this space.

So these are my little cleaners. If you click the image you can view it larger.

I do giggle at myself sometimes. I have a notebook that I keep in my handbag.. well my memory is a pile of poop, so I have to write notes to myself, and if it's in a notebook in my bag, I know where I can find it. So I now have a list of things that my little cleaners can do for me to photograph. Am I a sad case? Probably LOL. But I'm having fun, so who cares?

Watch this space for more little people :)