Monday, April 26


I wasn't sure what to blog about today. Nothing overly exciting has happened. I'm still mid fibro-flare and have very little energy for anything that involves strength. I really want to move my daughter's bedroom around as we're having going to bed problems, but there is no way I can lug wardrobes and drawers around, so that will have to wait. The weather is a bit dubious, with nice big billowing grey clouds which look like they may empty at any moment, so I'm staying in. I do have to decide which three printed photographs and three digital images I need to submit for the camera club competition (final round) tonight, which is Print of the Year and Digtitally Projected Image of the year, and I just can't decide which ones to go with. For the prints, this is my shortlist, but I need to elimnate one of them (click any of the images to view them full size): L-R - Gloomy Mill, Wooly Coo, Gizza Kiss, Trio of Tulips

Then for the digitally projected images (projected onto a large screen) this is my shortlist. (the bald eagle is definately going in, this is one of my most successful shots to date), but I need to eliminate two.

arghhhhh! I'm so indecisive (and competetive). Whatever I enter in each category will be up against everyone elses best shots, and despite me telling myself I'm not competetive.. I am. I have been quite successfull in the camera club competitions so far and points from these images entered will also count towards the Photographer of the Year competition. I don't know where I stand at the moment, but it is towards the top in the overall standings, and there's trophy's to be won!!

I'm not a natural born winner, and I'm don't particularly excell in anything, but I do have a passion for photography and results are proving that I'm not bad at it really, so to win a trophy for something I absolutely love and is purely me and my camera, no one else helps to get the results, it's all me... would be a bit achievement in my mind.

So, decisions decisions! I have until about 6.30pm tonight to decide which to go with. Help??