Tuesday, December 2

Knickers and Cheek bones

Great title eh? LOL

Well, another two pounds lost this week making the total 26 pounds in 9 weeks. Two more pounds to lose until several milestones.

2 pounds more will mean: I've lost two stone. I've lost 10% of my body weight. I go down into the next (lower) stones, and I will have reached my personal mini target early. I set my own target to lose 2 stone by January. Hopefully, all these will have been achieved by next Tuesday.

Twice today I have had someone say that they can really see the weight loss from my face. Both at separate times too.. which was nice. If only it would shift from my belly!! That's usually the last place it goes from and I end up looking like a bumble bee!!

I bought new knickers this week. LOL. I was getting a bit desparate for new ones. All my old ones had holes in where they shouldn't be. But I managed to get some from Asda.. THAT FIT ME.. rather than having to go to the fat shop that shall remain nameless. I had to buy 3 sizes smaller than I have been wearing! woohoo! My trousers are all too bit too. I did manage to get a really nice pair of black trousers from the charity shop for a couple of quid. They're two sizes smaller than I had been wearing. I refuse to pay full price for clothes in this size because I'm not going to be this size for long.

The thing that drives me bonkers at slimming class, is all the people who inhale when they hear how much I've lost in such a short time. Yes it IS going for it but they keep asking, oh, what are you eating. What are you doing? How are you doing it? or, I wish I could lose it like you are... basically, I'm sticking to the plan. I don't go home after weigh in and gorge myself all day like some people do. They complain that they only lost 1/2 a pound that week, then follow up with everything they've eaten that they 'shouldn't have'. I bite my tongue, but c'mon... if you want to lose the weight, and get upset at 'only' losing 1/2 a pound.. stick to the flippin' plan!! There are so many excuses... especially this time of year. Yes I know how hard it is to refuse chocolates, mince pies, cakes etc that are around for Christmas. But do you want to eat that chocolate MORE than you want to lose the weight? I don't.. I want the weight off way more than I want the chocolate... that's why I'm losing and they're not. [off my soapbox now]

I was going to write loads more.. Isabelle getting excited about Christmas, things I've bought for her, her school play etc etc.. but it's dinner time. I don't feel like cooking dinner.. but I'm hungry. I'm going to put some veg in the slow cooker overnight for soup tomorrow, but I'm off to hunt in the fridge to see what looks appetising for tonight.