Tuesday, March 16

Competition Success

Wow what a night for me at Camera Club last night!

Last night was results night for our Black and White portrat competition at the camera club. The judge talks about each image and gives feedback on how it could be improved, what he likes and doesn't like and awards a score out of 20. it was a long evening as there were loads and loads of digitaly projected images, but as he was going through each one, he still didn't show mine. Eventually he did. I'd been given 1st place and 2nd place with two of my shots. 1st place was for a shot of my eldest daughter. The judge raved about it and how much he loved it and said that it would also have won the advanced group category.

These are the 1st and 2nd place shots. You can click on them to view them full size.

I was also awarded 3rd place in the prints category for this shot of my hubby, and a commended but didn't quite make the top three for this photograph of my youngest, Isabelle.
I also was awarded my medal for the best overall image in the inter-club battle. woohoo! It says winner! LOL Isabelle is so impressed with my medal she declared it 'fabulous'!

I was also asked if I do photography for a living last night. Oh I wish!! 

So I came home absolutely buzzing last night. All the comments about my photographs were positive. He didn't dislike any of them. It made me realise that I perhaps doubt myself a bit too much, as I don't count portraiture as one of my stronger subject matters. In fact, portraiture and landscapes are my worst areas of photography, but maybe I'm not as bad at portraits as I thought.

So now there is only two more of the monthly competitions before all the points are counted up and the overall winners announced. At the moment, I'm not sure quite where I am in the rankings but I do know I'm up towards the top. Fingers crossed eh? Now, on to find this month's competition entries. It's an open subject, so it can be a photograph of anything. If you're bored at all and want to help me choose, pop on over to my photography website and take a look at my photographs and see what you think is worth entering.