Tuesday, October 14

Week two weight in.. and....

Weigh in on week two. 3 and a 1/2 pounds loss. Along with the 3 and a 1/2 pounds loss last week, that makes 7 pounds loss in two weeks. yay!! I'm really pleased. I always think that first half a stone is a milestone. It seems a long haul to half a stone, but once you've reached it, the next milestone is a stone. A whole 14 pounds! When you reach that, it means, yeah, you've lost quite a lot of weight already. So now the countdown is on to the 1 stone mark.

My other news today is that I found a tiny kitten this morning.

I dropped Isabelle off at Nursery this morning and at the end of our street I saw a tiny kitten sat in the middle of the road all soggy wet.

I brought it home and dried it off, gave it something to eat and put it in the kitchen. I knew it couldn't be more than 8 or 10 weeks old. I then went and knocked every door for two streets to see if anyone had lost a kitten or knew someone who had a new kitten. Nothing.

I came home and phoned Mark and said.. I've found a tiny kitten, can we keep it? Mark's not fond of cats and is much more a dog person. He said. ummmm.. I said but it's really tiny and it's soooo cute and it was wet and abandoned. He sighed and said oooookaaaaaaay, resigned to the fact that he knew I wouldn't put it back out in the street LOL

No one has claimed the kitten yet. I took it to the vet to get it checked over. It's a little boy and is betwen 6 and 8 weeks old. I over-estimated a bit. We've de-flea'd him and if no one claims him within the week, the vet will microchip him and register him to me. bluecheer.gif

He's so cute and Isabelle loves him. I REALLY hope no one claims him. I'm in love with him already and he hasn't left my side. Every time I sit down he comes and sits on me for a cuddle, apart from one time when Isabelle was watching TV, he snuggled up to her. Awwwwwww

He's also won is way into Mark's heart already. It's so funny. Mark lay on the sofa watching TV, as he does, and the kitten went and parked himself on Mark and went to sleep. and that's where he's stayed.

Here's a few pictures of our little kitty.