Wednesday, September 30

So impulsive

I can be such an impulsive person sometimes.

Normally I'm quite reserved and will think about things, pro's and con's before making a decision. Not this time LOL

Russ and I got chatting earlier and I mentioned that I was thinking of having another tattoo. I've always wanted a dragon tattoo, but there are several things to take into account. I'm 41 and getting a bit old to be having new tattoo's done in places where they can be seen. But why have a tattoo and have it hidden? So where could I have one that isn't too obvious yet can still be seen? I have one on each shoulder on my back (including my beloved wizard reaper - not everyone's ideal tattoo, but I love him!) I have my butterfly at the top of my left arm, but feel that one on the top of my right arm takes me into looking like a thug territory. I have one that no one can see unless I'm in a swimming cossy, which doesn't happen often! So where to put it? Also, my taste in tattoo's (as you've probably noticed from the aforementioned wizard reaper tattoo) is not particularly feminine.

Anyone who knows me quite well will know I have a love of dragons. My living room is full of them. Well, not 'actual' dragons, but dragon candle holders, one hung from the ceiling and various other dragon ornaments, and wizards too. A bit of a bizarre thing for some people to deal with but they live in the living room with us. So I decided on a dragon tattoo. This is the design I've chosen.

I've decided to have it done on the outside of my leg/calf, with it's tail starting just above my ankle bone. That way it can be covered up with trousers, jeans or a long skirt (I don't do short skirts!) if need be, but in summer when I wear 3/4 length jeans or combat pants, it won't have to be hidden. I can't wait now!

One of the things about having this tattoo is that Eve gets to do it for me. It might be a bit of a strange thing to have your daughter tattoo you, but she's good. I spoke to Eve and she doesn't have any tattoo ink. Arghhh! So I've just ordered some online and it's winging it's way here. woohoo!

Eve is coming to stay for the weekend! Yay! It's been so long since we've spent any amount of time together. It will be lovely to have the human whirlwind/demolition gang in the house. We won't be able to get in the bathroom for hours on end while she showers and washes her hair etc. We won't be able to move for bags/clothes/personal belongings, but it will be lovely to have her here. Plus the fact, she'll get to do some tattoo's (she's doing one for Russ too), so I think everyone will be happy all round. The only problem is, I'll have to go and get a temporary tattoo for Isabelle. She had one over the summer holidays and absolutely loved it, so if we're getting new ones she'll want one too. She did make me laugh when she showed her tattoo to CG.. and announced "it's ok, it's not a real one" LOL