Tuesday, March 23

Bit of an Ostrich

After reading Glowstar's post about The Virtual Revolution web animal test, I thought I'd take it myself.

Apparently, I'm officially an ostrich. My mum has always called me an ostrich due to the, not actually true fact, that ostriches stick their head in the sand to avoid danger. But according to the Virtual Revolution online test that accompanies the TV series, my behaviour online is that of an ostrich.

Fast-moving - We can tell from your results that you are a speedy surfer - one of the characteristics of the Web Ostrich, whose real-world counterpart has an impressive top speed of 45mph.
Sociable - The web is a social place. You take full advantage of this when you search for information by using social networks and other sites whose content is created by its users. Real-world ostriches are also highly social, even keeping eggs in each other’s nests to share the burden.
Specialised - The real-world ostrich is a true specialist, highly adapted to survive in hot, dusty African grasslands. You might not be at risk from lions when browsing the web, but you are still very focused. From your test we can tell you do best when you concentrate on one task at time, rather than several things at once.

It does actually sound about right. I can sometimes have so many things open on my computer that I get lost LOL.

So, The Virtual Revolution website is asking, What species of web animal are you?
They say that over the last 20 years the web has changed the world, but what, if anything, has it done to us? Take part in a unique experiment to discover the impact the web is having on our brains, and discover which species of web animal you are.

So which web animal are you?