Wednesday, January 13

My little garden visitor...

I love robins. They are so fluffed up and although they only have a little bit of red on them they seem to brighten up my snow-ridden garden.

Our snow just about melted away yesterday only for us to wake up to a complete whiteout again this morning.

I've been feeding my garden birds with a bit of .. ooh, should I be really doing this.. ? after I saw a programme about us feeding garden birds and changing evolution. But they all sit on the fence looking for food, so I feed them seeds and buttered bread (they need the fat to keep them warm apparently) and they even got the remains of the Christmas cake.

I actually have two robins visit my garden, although they are very territorial. They fight all the time. One is a skinny little thing and the other is nice and fat. Guess which one wins the fight all the time.

So, this nice fluffed up little chap visits my garden several times a day and it always makes me smile when I see him.