Wednesday, July 23


My brother bought me some lillies for my birthday. I do love lillies but god these stink to high heaven! I've postponed cutting the stamens out so that we're not stunk out of house and home because (of course) I wanted to photograph them.

I would normally just post these on my photo blog, but I'm going to put them here too :)

They are very pretty, but the house stinks!

I can't seem to get myself motivated at the moment. I hate to wake up in the morning. My back and shoulders are so stiff and it's painful. I even had to get up in the night for painkillers, which is really frustrating! It hasn't helped because Isabelle has not gone to bed until late for the past two nights. I can't convince her it's bedtime because she says it's not dark. Grrrrr.

I watched a really interesting programme tonight. I never have control of the TV! But Mark was tinkering with his bike in the garage. The programme was called The Rainman Twins. The twins were female in their 50's. They have been diagnosed as Autistic Savantism. Savantism is a rare disorder in which sufferers of developmental disabilities, often autism, are capable of acts of genius that far outstrip their expected level of ability. In Flo and Kay's case, they each have extraordinary memories for facts and dates.

They could remember everything they've ever done, when they did it, the date, the day, the weather on that day, what they ate for their dinner. It was amazing! They were lovely women too taking their condition into account. I then watched Who Killed Marilyn Monroe. They talked about all the conspiricy theories etc but came to the conclusion that it was accidental suicide. That's far more believable than any of the other theories they've come up with so far. So, that was two interesting programmes one after the other. I never watch TV lol