Sunday, January 18


Every year we go to the Northwich Thundersprint (huge huge bike and biker event). Hubby drools over the bikes and I take photographs.

I received an email from one of the Thundersprint organisers. He has seen my photographs of last year's Thundersprint on my website and was very impressed and the photographs are excellent (he said).

He has asked me to cover this year's Thundersprint photographically. I will get a press pass (access all areas) including trackside to photograph whatever I want, and he definately wants some photographic coverage of the Ducati's woooh! All he wants in return is a CD of photographs of the weekend. YAY!! OK, so I'm not getting paid for it, but I really don't care. We were going anyway and I get to go places the general public can't. And more than that.. to me anyway, I get my name known. I will get all credits on my photographs when they are used publicly, and I'm happy with that

I did have a giggle on the phone though. He said, I hate to ask this, but I want to give you an official race weekend t-shirt and I need to know your chest size I told him it would be better to wait until nearer the time as I won't know what size I'll be till then as I'm losing weight. He said phew, thank god for that. You can tell my wife when you know what size you'll need. He said he hates having to ask women their chest size.. he's old fashioned.. lol, bless him

So, I get to be an 'official photographer' for the weekend. How cool is that? And how much more weight can I shift before May the 10th. God I can't be looking all official and fat. At least that's a new incentive to keep me going...