Thursday, December 3

Who says romance is dead?

My other half is one of the least romantic men I've ever met. He just doesn't, and never has, done romance. He just doesn't have the genes that produce any kind of romance whatsoever.

Last night, a chat about an event during the day gave me a giggle. who needs romance when you have a the warped and twisted humour my other half has?

We were out shopping and we were stood in the queue to pay and my hubby walked away. Oh, typical, leave me standing in a queue to pay alone. Then I heard him fart... yes, it was that loud! I looked at him and he smiled sweety and carried on wandering, then looking at me and started pulling faces. It obviously stunk. The pulling faces turned into grimacing.. it WAS that bad. He even left the shop. Thank god he wasn't stood near me, he would have loudly blamed me for it.

So last night we were chatting and he asked if I was proud of him for not farting near me. I looked at him blank. He said him walking away to fart was his way of showing me how much he loved me in his warped romantic kind of way. If he didn't love me the way he does, he would have stood and done it right next to me, so walking away to fart shows how much he cares. He said he thought it was very romantic of him.

I'm still trying to work that one out! LOL