Wednesday, May 5

The Gallery - The World Around Us

As it's Wednesday, it's Gallery Day. The theme from Sticky Fingers this week is The World Around Us. So which bit of the world do I show you? I'm not very well travelled, sadly, and both times I went abroad, I wasn't into photography. So it has to be somewhere in the UK. Where better to show you, than the area I live in. I live just outside Chester, which is an absolutely beautiful City (it's a City because it has a Cathederal). I hope you don't mind a bit of a history lesson too.

Chester is probably best known for it's shop front Tudor architecture. The main shopping area is like a double decker bus in that there are shops on top of shops at two levels, and they all have the gorgeous black and white tudor frontage.

One of the most photographed things in Chester is it's very ornate (and recently re-furbished) clock, which stands on top of a bridge going over the main street.

Chester became one of the main centres of the Roman Empire and it's recently thought to have been the home of the Roman Emperor and it still has the red stone city walls around it. You can walk around the city walls still. It is also home to the largest known military amphitheatre in Britain, which they are still excavating and have recently discovered that it is in fact much larger than they originally thought. You can walk down the amphitheatre steps and stand in the centre of it. A bit bizarre really especially when you think that gladiators would have fought to the death in there. 

There is a beautiful park where you can spend hours wandering around and feed the very tame squirrels

and also take a boat along the River Dee.

The boat trip is a much slower pace to the hustle and bustle of the main street (I have 'played' with this shot to give it a different look)

And then there's the zoo. I love Chester Zoo and can spend hours there. So I thought I'd finish this gallery post with a few of my favourite friends at Chester Zoo. You can click the images to see them larger.