Wednesday, October 8

Poor baby's nose

awww my poor baby's nose looks awful

LOL, how an you resist that cheeky face? But her nose is so scabby after falling over at school on Monday. It keeps cracking and it doesn't help that she also has a cold so it's not drying up properly. She said it keeps stinging.

To add to her discomfort she, being the nosey kid she is, opened a cupboard in the supermarket and trapped her thumb! She squealed such a blood curdling squeal, the whole supermarket stood still. One of the staff brought a bag of frozen peas and a bag of chocolate snowmen for being brave LOL. She's fine. It did hurt her though because of the way she squealed. I took a look at her thumb tonight and the base of her thumbnail is all purple.

Then a couple of hours later she went outside to play on her new two wheel bike (with stabilisers) turned the wheel too hard and fell off, right onto her hands and knees. She went with a right thump! I have a very accident prone child! She takes after her father.