Tuesday, September 22

This, that and the other...

Oh, I'd forgotten what a pain in the rear it is to fill in a job application form!!

I'm not really looking for a job, I am enjoying the space I have now that Isabelle is at full-time school. But I do know that it won't be too long before I start to go a bit batty from being in the house all day thinking about jobs that need doing.. washing, ironing, cleaning etc etc.... and then feeling guilty because I've had my bum parked at the computer instead of getting jobs done, that don't really need doing because I did them yesterday or a couple of days ago. My head tends to nag at me on and on...

Poor Russ isn't very well today. He's been to the Dr's this morning and it seems he has some sort of virus that has brought his Asthma on. So he came back from the Dr's feeling sorry for himself (he's male remember! and at 19 yrs old, he classifies himself as a man.. ) and said he needed 'man tissues' (these are the large tissues that are coated in some sort of balm so they don't rip your nose off when it's sore), lucozade and some cold and flu tablets. So off we toddled to our local Spar shop. There was a notice in the window saying they are looking for someone to work part time. Monday to Friday, 20 hours per week. Wow! I can do that! I haven't done any shop work for quite some time, but this would fit in ideal with Isabelle's school etc. Except, when I asked, she thinks the shift is till 6pm. yikes! That's a problem. I told her I could work any hours between 9am and 4pm (Isabelle could go to the afterschool club for 3/4's of an hour if I was working, but I'm loathed to leave her longer than that). She told me to fill the application form in anyway and bring it back, stating what hours I'd be available to work. So I've filled the form in and will drop it off later today (looking keen eh? lol).

I'd forgotten about how much they want to know on application forms and how irrelevant some of the questions are. They want to know the in's and out's of a ducks arse (as my dad used to say). But I've duly filled it in, wracked my brains for years from and to for wherever I worked, went to schoo, college etc... my long term memory is shocking! It doesn't exist. This is a bit worrying!

On another note, I now feel like a photographer again now my new camera is here. This is the first shot from it that didn't need deleting.

Such a bizarre looking flower, it's called a pincushion potea and is from South Africa. So weird it's beautiful.

I joined a camera club last night. I was very apprehensive about going. The thoughts of stereotypical photographers filling the room was a bit un-nerving. The thoughts of old men with long grey beards and wearing cardigans kept coming to mind. It seems to invoke thoughts of it being a Geek club. But can't anything be a geek club? a group of people all coming together to discuss whatever subject they are interested in, some being more knowledgable than others.. does that make them geeks?

It was actually a very friendly place. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I wasn't the only female there, I wasn't the youngest and I wasn't the only new person. People spoke to me straight away and I didn't feel like a plonker. For anyone not into photography, this might sound like your worst night out ever, but we had a slideshow from the Royal Photographic Society showing their competition winners from their annual competition. It was interesting to see what won and why. We then talked about the internal competitions, and I now have to get three prints done and mounted before Monday next week, and also three digital entries for the projected images competition. The worst part of that is deciding what to enter! The subject is an open subject... no specific topic, but OMG what do I choose to enter?

Mark is away tonight. It's not often these days that he has to work away and stay away overnight. I'm quite ok with this for tonight. Time to myself, TV remote to myself (the lost land of the volcano is on tonight and I love watching this!) and the bed to myself.. ahhh bliss! especially as Isabelle is back into her normal bedtime. Over the summer she just couldn't sleep and would often be singing to herself in bed at 10pm. She currently starts her witching time about 6.45pm. Nothing is right, she can't do anything right, nothing works right etc and she ends up in lots of tears for no reason. That's my cue to get her ready for bed and off we go upstairs for a story at 7.15pm at the latest, and she's usually straight off to sleep. It's heaven! She is a good little thing really for a 4 year old.. bless her. (can you tell she's at school by my tone? LOL)