Tuesday, January 5

If you're gonna do it...

Then do it properly.....

After spending the last three days feeling like absolute crap (today is the fourth day), I've been to the Drs. It's not 'just' a cold it's full on flu with an added viral infection. Does that make it an Marks & Spencers illness according to their adverts?

Cure? no... lay down and die quietly please. Oh great. Yesterday I could not pysically move after 4pm. I went to bed at 9.30pm and then got up every other hour to get a drink, have a wee, get more pain killers, kick stray cat out that had come in through the catflap, get annoyed at hubby who was playing with newly acquired iPod Touch in bed at 1am and woke me up!  He bought it from our son who has upgraded to iPhone, and since it was handed over to hubby, hubby hasn't spoken to me as he's had his nose glued to either the computer screen or iPod setting it all up.  All I wanted was a bit of sympathy and maybe a cup of coffee or two, but as I was laid on the sofa, I no longer existed.

Anyway, Isabelle has gone back to school this morning. The roads and paths were lethal. Ice lay under a coating of horrible slush and everything was very slippery. Still no actual snow here, but it's treacherous outside. This is made worse by the fact that to get anywhere we have to drive out of our close onto a main road. The main road is now 100 yards of roadworks and our road end is smack bang in the middle of the roadworks with no traffic lights to let us out. It's take a chance time to get out when the traffic appears to be stood still either end. It's manic! They are building a new Morrisons across this main road, which will be great when it's done but the chaos it's causing right now is unbelievable. It took me half an hour to get back from dropping Isabelle at school. It normally takes 5 minutes. This road is the busiest road in the area and you have to use it if you want to get anywhere, especially to my house. This is going to rile me up over the next few days (weeks?) until they get whatever bit of the roadworks they are doing, finished.

In the meantime, I am going to veg on the sofa with a coffee and watch flick through the mind-numbing daytime TV. Then I have a couple of issues to deal with on the computer. One of them needs some thinking about wording wise... but it's something that's been getting my goat for some time now and I really have to use tact when actually I want to wade in and really speak my mind, but.. alas, I'm not in a position to do that, so tact and diplomacy it will have to be.