Saturday, August 30

Oh my poor legs and feet!

Oh dear, my poor legs and feet have taken a bashing the past three days! They're a right mess. Mark said, if they were offered as joints of meat for dinner, they look bad enough to turn a cannibal vegetarian :(

Thursday, I walked past the washing basket that I keep meaning to replace as it got bashed and it broke around the edge. I walked too close to it and scraped a huge slice out of my shin! Oh god it made me swear under my breath. Isabelle kissed it better for me.

Then last night I caught my foot underneath the safety gate on Isabelle's bedroom door, this made me stumble and catch the other one too. I really bashed the tops of my feet, which are now blue and bruised!

So then this afternoon we were out in the garden. Isabelle is having a bit of a hard time with spiders at the moment. There was a gorse spider sat in it's web on the fuchsia bush. So I got my camera out to take a photograph so Isabelle could see all the pretty colours and markings on it. So I knelt down taking a few shots. My feet started to burn, I thought they were on stinging nettles. I got up to find hundreds of red ants swarming all over and biting me! arghhh it was so painful. Luckily I had recently bought some Anthisan so I rubbed that all over, but even now, hours later, my feet are all red and swollen and are still stinging from the bites.

So my poor feet and legs are scratched, scabby, swollen sore and look absoultely revolting. ewwwww.


Isabelle can be so funny and cute some days. she's like the little girl who had a little curl, when she's good, she's very very good, but when she's bad, she's horrid.

Mark had the day off yesterday and we went to the retail park. We ended up in Toys R Us.. as you do, and we decided to get Isabelle a swing for the garden.

She was sooo excited. Mark built it and put it up in the garden and Isabelle was nearly bursting with excitement and happiness. She was swinging away and said "oh daddy can I keep it please, it's just like a real swing". Bless her. we laughed for ages at that.

On the downside, the little grotbag got up at 6.30am this morning so she could go on her swing because she "loves it so much". Grrrrr