Tuesday, May 18

And the results are in...

So last night was our last scheduled camera club session until September. I've no idea why the camera club season runs from September to May.. unless it's because no one turns up during the summer. I may have to investigate. But anyway... last night was the AGM including announcements of competition winners. So off I toddled.

The AGM was nowhere near as boring as I thought it was going to be, in fact we had a right old laugh, mainly at the competiton secretary who is Irish and can't say three.. he always says tree.. and caused much amusement when talking about the three winners for the tree triptych, but I guess you had to be there.

I seem to have somehow got elected onto the committee. I'm not sure I even agreed.. but hey ho. In a very male environment, there is only one female on the committee and it was suggested that there should be at least one other .. my name was put forward as a proposal and was instantly seconded, and then carried. Hmmm. I'm not quite sure who the culprits were, but I'll find out.. mwahaha.

And on to the happy bit. My successes during my first year at the camera club:

Overall winner in an inter-club photographic battle between all clubs in North Wales, with my bald eagle shot.
Digital Image of the Year overall winner again with my bald eagle shot
3rd place an in external floral photograph competition
2nd place overall in the digitally projected image competitions for this year. I was beaten by one point! If only I'd entered the one competition I didn't submit too.. arghh.

and (drumroll please)

1st place overall in the Prints competitons for this year. 

Next week is presentation week, so I'll be toddling off there to collect a couple of trophies :) yay! 

I've put together a slideshow with some nice tinkly pretty music to accompany it, of all the photographs submitted to the camera club competitions. If you have 3 minutes and 25 seconds to spare, I'd love you to take a loook at it. Please note that the quality isn't brilliant now it's uploaded and the pictures are much better in real life.

The downside to the winning is that I now have to enter the Advanced category - yikes! Wish me luck?

Now off to walk around for the rest of the day with a smug grin on my face. It's a good job no one else is home LOL