Thursday, January 29

My aching brain

My poor old brain has gone into overdrive! It won't stop thinking. It's whirring away like a battling top that keeps bumping on the sides and then whizzes back into the middle for another frenzied bout of spinning!

Since I started to write my slimming blog I've gone into a deep thought prosess and am self analysing. I have to say that it is definately helping me come to terms with myself. I'm working out a lot of things that have been buried for a long time, and I am sorting out excuses for 'me' when really there are no excuses. I have to stop making these excuses and accept that I am what I am but at the moment, my body is in transition. At the end of the day, when all the excess weight is gone, I will still be me but in a smaller body that I will feel a lot more comfortable in.

Although I'm doing day to day bits in my slimming blog, I'm also writing 'my story' and already I have written Part I and Part II. This is my therapy and it really does seem to be working. I'm finding out things about myself that I've ignored or brushed to one side and made stupid excuses for. You never know, one day I may see if I can get it published (under a pen name of course).

Also, CG's post yesterday about soulmates and Love is.. set me thinking. She asked if soulmates exist. Good question. Do soulmates exist? If by the definition that CG gave from wikipedia, then I personally don't think they do. But.. is there a person in my life that I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life without contact from this person, then yes. One person in particular in my life has been through an awful lot with me and vice versa. We just seem to exist because and despite of each other. It is a very comfortable relationship without having to prove anything to each other, and it's always been that way. Faults are accepted without question and the feeling that we are meant to have a relationship exists. But does this cross into the love category? Just because you have this relationship with someone, does it mean you love them? So I spent ages last night wallowing in the bath thinking about this. Thanks CG! LOL

Also, CG mentioned love is.. I giggled to myself last night as my hubby walked into the house from fixing his motorbike and said 'can you wash this petrol out of my eye, it flicked up from the hose and bullseyed him in the eye'. So to me Love Is.. washing petrol out of your hubby's eye without laughing at him for being an idot LOL