Monday, November 3

Ahhh! the silence!!

This morning is quiet. So quiet it's beautiful (well apart from the kitten tearing around like a loonie chasing anything that might move).

The reason for the silence. Isabelle has gone back to nursery this morning! It's been a very tough week with her at home all the time. She is going through a horrible stage of answering back, being defiant, smacking and just generally being an argumentative pain in the arse! She has been on the 'naughty step' more times this week than she has in her whole life. She hates being on the naughty step, but she still ends up there, despite a warning before I resort to putting her on the step. I hate to do it but she seems to think it's really amusing to wind me up to the point where I lose my patience. I am normally a very patient person, but by god she's pushing me to the limits! Even Mark had to admit that she's horrible at the moment. So the silence is beautiful and I'm enjoying it until 11.30 when I have to go and fetch her home again. [sigh]

I forgot to update my weight loss last week. I lost another 2 pounds bringing it to a total of 12 pounds in 4 weeks. I get weighed tomorrow morning so hopefully that will bring me my stone award. I feel pretty good to be honest, and I can see where the weight is coming off, although when I asked Mark, he said he couldn't. It's come off my face, neck, chest, shoulders and boobs. My boobs no longer pop out of my bra every time I move LOL. I can't wait for more to come off. I know it's going to be a slow process but I'll get there.