Sunday, June 22

It's the weekend

Another weekend and Mark is working again. That's 14 days straight now! It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't come home, eat and fall asleep. It's been a lonely couple of weeks.

He just used the car and when he got in, he asked if there was a problem with the drivers side window. I said that there was. It seems to have come off the guider or something because it won't go up properly. It happened to me on Thursday and I had to man-handle it back up again to close it. So he said... well why didn't you tell me? It's stuck down and I can't get it back up.. rant, rant, rant. I said... Mark, I've not seen you to be able to tell you about it! If I'd had more than 5 minutes to talk to you I might have been able to tell you about it. He changed his tune and asked me to help get it back up again. I can't believe he was getting on my case for not telling him! grrrrr.

The steroid shot in my shoulder seems to have worked a bit. Not completely, sadly. I'd say it was 60-65% better than it was but I still can't move my arm or shoulder into certain positions. It's so frustrating, especially as lifting the kettle is one of the awkward positions! LOL

It wasn't a good night last night. I was so tired. Pysically tired too. I dragged my aching carcass off to bed about 11. Isabelle woke me three times before 1am. She ended up in bed with me (Mark hadn't even got to bed by this point). 10 minutes later she threw up all over me! and the bed! arghhhh. I sorted her out, changed her nighty, my bed etc, but by then she was wide awake. 3am before she went back to sleep. So she's tired today, but she's hungry. I can't stop her eating LOL. She's barely eaten anything for days, so she's now on catch-up. She does this from time to time. This morning so far she's eaten one bowl of rice krispies shapes, one bowl of coco pops, an apple, one dairylea lunchable and now she's eating a banana. It's 11.45am! I hope she's not sick again tonight after eating this lot LOL