Sunday, February 7

Dear Hubby...

Not that he will ever read this but...

Dear Hubby,

The washing/drying/ironing fairies are getting a bit fed up with the extra work that you are creating for them. They have never known anyone leave their clothes in such an un-washable state. In fact, they are sometimes amazed at how you ever got your clothes off in that particular fashion.

Is it necessary to:
1.  roll your socks up into a tiny ball before you put them in the wash basket/on the floor/in the uplighter?
2.  Take your jeans/trousers/shorts off so that one leg is the right way and the other is inside out?
3.  roll your boxers up into such a tangle it's hard to un-ravel them?
4.  take a shirt off so that the sleeves are still rolled up, the shirt is still buttoned up and one arm is in and one arm is out?
5.  take a t-shirt off so that it's half the right way and half inside out?
    This makes the already tedious job of sorting the washing out into different loads much more of a pain in the ass job and twice as long due to straightening the clothes up so that they can be washed/dried/ironed.

    Is it also necessary to leave several jackets in various places in the house? and several pairs of trainers/boots/bike boots in various other places in the house and then claim you "didn't see them" when the shoe putting away fairies happen to mention that there are six pairs of your footwear kicking around in one room?

    The bin emptying fairy is also getting a bit pigged off with having to empty the bin constantly. Your claims of "I didn't notice it was full" are not believed, particularly when you are seen lifting the lid to get extra rubbish in, or when you 'pop it in the top' thus leaving the swing lid 'swung' because there is so much rubbish in there. Claims of 'I don't know where the bin bags are' are also not believed as you know full well where to find a bin bag to put bike bits in to keep them dry in the garage.

    The washing up fairies also have a small concern at why it seems necessary to use every mug/cup/glass in the house instead of rinsing and using the one you used last.

    Claims of 'I didn't think' are believed, because we are fully aware that you don't think a lot of the time, especially when it's not your responsibility to deal with the above tasks, but a bit of common courtesy would not go amiss occasionally.

    Kind regards

    Your slightly pissed off housework fairy. xx