Tuesday, June 29

Gertie the Gremlin

I don't make a habit of copying other people's ideas, and I really hope that Ali at snipsnaphappy isn't too cross that I've borrowed her fantastic idea for a Gremlin. I loved the little Gremlin that I decided to have a go and make my own version. I had some patchwork squares left over from making Isabelle's quilty blanky (as she calls it) so I thought I'd make a gremlin to match.

This is Gertie the Gremlin

She measures about 7 inches square and is soft and squishy as she's stuffed. Her arms and legs have a few lentils in (about half full) to give a bit of weight to them so they flop about.

I'm going to leave her where she's sitting, in the ivy in the garden, and I'm going to make an adoption letter asking Isabelle if she will look after Gertie, written as if Gertie has sent it to her. Isabelle has had a bit of a stressful time (stressful for a 4 year old) lately. She doesn't like too much of a routine change, she just doesn't seem to be able to handle it, and school has been all over the place with end of year plays, practice for sports day, preparation for moving up to year 1 etc, and there have been a couple of changes to her routine at home that she's not over impressed with. It's been a whiny, moany month with quite a few tears (both me and her!) but we're all sorted now and she's happy again. I hope Gertie makes her smile.

Thanks so much for the idea Ali.