Tuesday, November 17

It is perfectly acceptable...

(supposedly) in this house to.....

  • fill the kitchen swing bin so full that the swing lid no longer swings, it gets trapped amongst the rubbish, and then put any further rubbish onto the kitchen worktop rather than empty the bin.
  • bring a set of motorbike carbs into the house and then clean them on the dining table (albeit with newspaper underneath) then leave them sitting on the computer desk stinking of petrol.
  • bring a leaking (although empty) motorbike tank into the house, sit it on the computer desk stinking the house out with petrol, because the petrol needs to evaporate so the tank can be sealed again in a 'few days'
  • stay up until 4am at the computer then get up on Sunday and be like a bear with a sore head until 4pm, then go to bed un-announced and stay there till 8pm, come back down and complain when there's no dinner left, and go back to bed at 10pm
  • ignore your wife whenever she speaks because she has absolutely nothing of interest to say
  • glare daggers when afore mentioned wife on her way out the door to camera club  says, when you've put Isabelle to bed, can you please wash the dishes? anyone would have thought that from the look given, I had said, please sacrifice our 4 year old to the Gods.
  • leave a swimming pool on the floor seeping through the wooden flooring when doing a water change on the fish tank and not mop it up afterwards. Also having an accompanying swimming pool in the kitchen by the sink from getting water to re-fill the tank.
ok, that's all off my chest, I feel much better now!