Friday, November 27

Laugh? I nearly wet myself

Just had to share this...

Hubby phones:

Hubby: Is there any money in the bank?
Me: a bit... why?
Hubby: I need some money
Me: Oh.. what for?
Hubby: a brazillian
Me: THUD (falling off my chair laughing) cough, erm.. a what?
Hubby: We're going to the Brazillian restaurant for our Christmas meal and I need to pay the deposit.
Me: (crying with laughter) oh.. ok then


Bah humbug!

I really am not against Christmas.. I don't bah humbug about it, in fact I love Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it this year as Eve is coming to stay from Christmas Eve until Boxing day. (for those that don't know, Eve is my 24 yr old daughter). It will be about 15 years since she's been at home for Christmas for a variety of reasons (not my choice btw). So we are all really looking forward to it, and I will have all three of my babies (even if they are 24, 19 and 4 - they're all my babies still) in my house on Christmas morning after Father Christmas has paid his visit. I'm so excited about it, I really can't wait....

what is giving me the bah humbug is the flippin' adverts on the telly. They are driving me insane!! A couple of weeks ago it was the 'go compare' advert that was driving me bonkers. It has to be the most annoying advert in the world.. (although there have been some pretty annoying ones in the past)... it makes me cringe every time I see or hear it. But for the past couple of weeks, almost every advert has been a Christmas advert. The biggest culprits are Asda, Tesco and Morrisions (and we don't even have a Morrisons near where I live!) They are ramming the food ads down our throats.. one after the other, they're all claiming they're the cheapest and Morrisons have even got buy one get two free offers on! (typical because what I'd use in petrol to get the nearest Morrisons would cost more than anything I'd save on their offers).

What makes it worse for me is that it's not even December yet!! For heavens sake, give me a break. It's bad enough Isabelle counting the days down (every 5 minutes) without the Christmas food adverts on during the 5 minutes Isabelle isn't telling me how many days to go.

And when did Christmas turn into Foodmas? Chrismas is no longer about Christmas (although I feel a bit of a hypocrite as I'm not religious) but for me it's about family, but the media have turned it around and made it all about food. How much food you can get down your necks, and how much you can drink, which is also a bit of a difficult one in our house seeing as I don't drink and my other half not having had a drink for 4 years due to alcoholism.

Maybe I should start wishing everyone a Merry FoodDrinkMas instead.

Do I sound bitter? LOL