Monday, February 9

Ease my guilty conscience!

Why does my conscience keep annoying me? Grrrrr.

This morning I bought myself a little Canon Powershot camera that will fit in my handbag and be there when and if I need it. It's also to use for taking photographs of my cherubs, fairies, mushroom houses and fairy doors, so it's not just being lavish. It's a pain in the bum sometimes to get the DSLR kit out and faff about so much just to take a quick snap of an ornament to put on ebay or Little Garden Friends, my online store. And so often I see a shot while I'm out and I haven't got my DSLR kit with me. So.. it is a necessity.. well that's how I justified it to myself. It was on offer at half it's normal price so I got it for £49.48 .... bargain!

The reason I feel guilty about buying it because I don't want to tell Mark I've bought it. Is that wrong? There are reasons for me not telling him. In the past 4 years I have had two point and shoot camera's and he's broken them both. Not intentionally, he just breaks gadgets! After he broke both my P&S camera's I bought him one for himself. A pretty decent camera to be honest, and it also played MP3's. (He's broken 7 MP3 players in 3 years! That's how bad he is). But he broke this camera I bought him. He even managed to break a little point and shoot camera that i bought for Isabelle so she could 'take foterdrafs' as she said.. she was pretty good too for a 3 year old. But alas, that camera is broken too. I just don't know what he does to them. They just stop working, he says.

He often needs to use a camera to take photographs of his motorbike that he's restoring, just so he knows where the bits need to go when he puts them back on, but he's been using my DSLR to take photographs!! arghhhh!! I stand over him while he uses it. I'm so very reluctant to tell him about this new little canon powershot, because I REALLY don't want it breaking, BUT.. I am not a deceptive person by nature and it's going to be hard to keep it quiet. I think I'm going to take a look on ebay and see if I can get him a cheap (less than £20) camera and just keep quiet about mine. The problem is, I know he's going to see it one day because I'm bound to leave it lying around LOL. But if he has his own little P&S from ebay, I can bluff my way around me having one too.

I just wish my conscience would stop eating at me! Grrrrrrr.