Monday, December 21

Best not bother next time....

Well it was a busy weekend. I'd planned a surprise meal out for Mark's birthday. He was 40 on Sunday but I'd arranged a meal for the Saturday night. I'd gotten so stressed about it. I phone around ex colleagues, pilfered email addresses and the like to get in touch with people he used to work with. I had a guest list of 20 ish, including his Mum and Step Dad. Between Saturday and the Saturday of the meal, they dropped out one by one. I was mortified. Of course, I couldn't say anything to him and he asked me a couple of times what was wrong. I was pigged off that people had dropped out, especially as they'd said 100% definately they'd be there. So I had to fob him off with things like.. I dunno, just down in the dumps/tired/fed up etc. So it ended up that there were only two people attending other than me, Isabelle, Russ and his girlfriend. To make matters worse, the two people that did attend were the two people that we really wouldn't have missed had they not turned up if you know what I mean.

So I then read out some apology messages I'd collected and gave him the list of apologies. i think that made things even worse. he took it that really, they all had better things to do than attend his birthday.

The meal was nice enough apart from I'd booked it for 7.30 (15 minutes past Isabelle's bedtime). She was tired and grumpy and then they'd put gravy on her sausage and chips. Do not put gravy of anything Isabelle has to eat. So, it was a bit of a disaster and I felt really bad, especially because of all the phone calls, emails and stress it caused me. I'll not do it again.

Mark then ended up in bed that night staring at the ceiling and contemplating life, the universe and everything in it. My statement of "42" is the answer made him laugh, but he just looked so morose whilst deciding that he is bored with life and he needs something exciting injecting into it. I was too tired at quarter past midnight to get into one of these indepth discussions we have occasionall about life, so I turned over and left him ceiling spotting. His birthday was more successful than the meal though, so that's good.

on another note, my little robin has become a daily visitor for his cheese. In fact, he's spent most of today in the garden. I managed to get another shot of him. I love robins.