Sunday, May 2

Dear Annie...

You knew there would be a price, but why are you so surprised (and pigged off)?

A day out to Oulton Park to photograph the British Superbikes, and all those men in leathers with throbbing machines between their legs.. an ideal day out for you, I know you were happy about it. But you really should have known there'd be a price to pay when you got home. 

Surely you realise by now that your hubby looking after his daughter for the day is asking a great deal. yes I realise he offered because he 'didn't fancy' Oulton Park because he'd be bored and actually said he'd look after Isabelle for a few hours for the first time since she was born almost 5 years ago, but you should have expected that being male, he can only think of one thing at a time, and that's usually his motorbikes. 

Your suggestion of taking Isabelle on the bus to Chester was a good idea, but you didn't foresee his trip out costing £20 did you? I know you still can't work out how it cost that much, but you've accepted it and handed over the money.

You should know by now that he doesn't do dishes, so why were you so surprised to get home and see not only a sink full of dirty dishes, but an entire kitchen full. And when you mentioned it, the sarcasm you used didn't go down too well.. I mean.. saying. oh, is this my pennance for a few hours to myself was obviously going to be met with "I've looked after YOUR daughter all day". We both know that you were only gone from 9am to 3.30pm, but that seems to count as all day.

And why were you so surprised when he got his jacket and bike helmet and went straight out for a bike ride? You know he can't cope with dealing with anyone but himself, of course he was going to leave straight away to have his free time, and I know he does this all the time, so it was no shock for him to do it as soon as you got home. You did manage to ask him what Isabelle had had to eat whilst you were out glorying it up and having a great time alone at the race track, but why were you surprised.. despite saying before you left, to make sure she has something to eat. You weren't specific enough were you? When she was crying with headache and her tummy hurting, and asked if she'd had anything to eat and she replied a chocolate muffin from McDonalds, really shouldn't have surprised you. And on questioning your hubby as he started the bike up to escape he told you she indeed had eaten a chocolate muffin from McDonalds, plus 'misc crap' ie, sweets, ice poles and biscuits. There was no need to shake your head in dispair when he told you that he thought she'd ask for real food when she was hungry. He obviously doesn't realise that 4 year olds are quite content to live on junk food. I don't think he was too impressed with being told that he is the adult and in charge and should guide her as to what she should be eating, not letting her call the shots.

But put all that behind you, the dishes are now done and your hands are nice and soft. Your child no longer has a hunger headache since you fed her a proper meal and you have some pretty cool shots of the bikers racing yesterday and I know that these few are your favourites. (check out the heat haze in the first one - every sports photographer loves heat haze!)

Please remember Annie, that you really should expect to pay the price for your free time, and don't be annoyed that he used that line "I looked after your daughter all day" even though she is HIS daughter too.

Yours faithfully,

Your conscience.