Tuesday, November 4


I am in shock! Just back from my Tuesday morning Slimming World session. I was the slimmer of the week, so I got a nice bright certificate to stick on my fridge (that's 2 now), and I got the bowl of fruit, some pasta n sauces and a couple of yogurts. Why did I get slimmer of the week? Because I lost 6 pounds this week. Yes! 6 pounds in one week!! Yes I've eaten, and eaten plenty.. so now I have lost 1 stone 4 pounds in 5 weeks. I also got my 1 stone award, but I'm now only 3 pounds away from my stone and a half award. I'm steaming towards my mini target that I set myself, to lose 2 stone before January. woohooo.. Go me!! I am so pleased :D