Wednesday, April 27


My 5 year old loves dandelions, and this year there seems to be billions of them. We have to hunt out the 'dandelion clocks' whenever we take the dog for a walk and tell what time it is by seeing how many blows she has to do before the seeds have all blown away.

We had a single dandelion clock in our garden and I wanted to photograph it. She hung about at my side, trying to blow the seeds off before I'd got my photographs. I managed to get her to hold on by giving her my point and shoot camera and letting her take photographs too. I've not got hers processed yet, but here are mine.. followed by a few shots of my Clematis which looks beautiful this year. It feels so good to finally use my camera again after having a photographic drought for the past six months. 

Click the images to view them full size and see the detail.

Thursday, April 14

Changes are on the horizon

I've been working as a mid-day supervisor (dinner lady to us mere mortals) for the past month at my daughter's primary school. It's only an hour a day, and it's only supervising in the dining hall and in the playground, but it's reminded me how much I love working with kids, especially the infants.

In a previous life.. when my eldest two kids were small (now 21 and 26) I always worked in some kind of childcare facility or other. As they grew I got an NVQ3 in Business Admin and became an office manager and PA. Then along came Isabelle. I left work 3 weeks before she was born and haven't been to a paid place of employment since.  

Having been volunteering in Isabelle's school for the past year and a bit, my instinctive nature for childcare has been aroused again. So I've decided to update my childcare qualificatons with the hopes of getting work in Isabelle's school. I love being with the kids and it seems they love being with me. What brought it home yesterday is that Isabelle's class had an end of term show to perform in their classroom for parents. Of course, I went. My heartwarming moment was that as I walked into the classroom at least half of the class of 5, 6 and 7 year olds said hello to me individually, but all with a big smile at being pleased to see me. Some stroked my leg (they were sat down, and infants are prone to stroking teachers they like lol) some wanted to hold my hand, but the majority had something to tell me. These children come up to me in the playground to tell me some important bit of news they have, or if they hurt themselves it seems to be me they come to to be fixed rather than any of the other dinner ladies. I don't know why.. they just do and I love it.

So I am now enrolled to take a course to become a Classroom Teaching Assistant  and the course starts right after Easter. The course is mainly assessment based in the workplace environment, so the school will get 10 hours of my time each week voluntarily, but I'll be a TA at the end of the day and with a bit of luck they might find a job for me, even if it's only oncall cover.

I can't wait to get started... I can't believe how much I'd missed working with kids. They're so rewarding, even the naughty ones who need that bit extra attention.

Bring it on!!!