Friday, May 14

changed names?

Over the years in our house, due to having three kids, things have had their names change.

These new names are now used in place of the original names, and we get odd looks occasionally when we use them instead of it's real name, especially if we don't have any of the kids with us.

The worst occasion was when I phoned for a Chinese takeaway and could not for the life of me remember the word Prawn Crackers. They're moon crackers in our house, and I got a chuckle from the lady I was odering the meal with when I had to apologise but could not remember the real name. She knew what I meant though when I asked for moon crackers.

Some of the other items which have been renamed are:

Fligmo's - Flamingo's
Crumpy Bar - comes from 'crunchy bar' aka cerial bar
MaM's - this is a new one from Isbelle. She just could not get her head around M&M's, so they are now MaM's
Uptopter - Helicopter
PingWing - Penguin. This has lead to the made up joke by my 4 year old, what noise does a penguin's telephone make? pingwing... pingwing... pingwing.. (you may have to say it out loud to get it properly LOL)
Punkin - pumpkin. All three kids have called them punkins.

I'm sure there are many more that we use on a daily basis but I just can't think of them right now. Typical!

Do you have any changed names? I'd love to hear them.