Monday, September 14

Monday once more...

And another Monday rolls around. They seem to come by so fast these days. Life is on fast forward it seems.

We spent the weekend at Mum's. This is the first time we've been able to make the 3 hour drive since we went to see Metallica at the end of February. Was it THAT long ago? We were supposed to go in July, but my sister in law had Swine Flu and mum had been in contact with her and her kids so we all decided in the interests of safety and not wanting to encourage the swine flu spreading, to postpone our visit. So we drove down on Saturday. I won't go into long and boring (for you, the reader) details, but will say we had a lovely weekend with gorgeous weather on Saturday which meant we could spend the day and most of the evening outside. It also meant I got to see Eve and her boyfriend, and my brother and his wife and kids. Their baby is now almost 10 months old. I last saw her when she was 2 months old. She has the most kissable cheeks in the world, and is such a happy baby, especially as there were quite a few of us around whom she didn't know.

This is the kissable Olivia (Livvy)

On a different note completely, I now have the internet back at home! It's been a nightmare two weeks trying to get it all sorted out since Tisacali cut off my connection even though it was due to their ineptitude and competency at the start of this long 4 year battle with them. I now have a shiny new BT internet hub which looks very space age with it's black shiny sleek surface and blue lights and doesn't quite fit in my cave like living room with my dragons and wizards LOL but who cares if it means I'm in contact with the outside world once more?

We are actually in danger of being dragged into the modern times. We have always had an issue with paying to watch a pile of crap on the TV, but we grumbled and put up with the compulsory license fee. Then came Freeview. OK, we still had to pay the license fee, but we got more channels. Then we realised that they mainly had a pile of crap on them too. The things we did want to watch were on channels you had to pay for. Lately though, it's become increasingly annoying, especially during the past fortnight with no internet. We've sat down to watch TV at night to find absolutely bugger all on there. Or... two things we want to watch at the same time. This is the 'busses' syndrome. You know.. nothing for ages, then two at once. Russ had Sky installed in his bedroom. That's ok, it's his room, he pays for the Sky TV and it's his responsibility. He said that if we wanted we could get 'multi-room' where you share the Sky signal but can watch what you like in his room or our living room. (I think we're in a minority here too, because apart from Russ's TV which we never watch) we only have one TV. Mark refused to pay anything else to watch crap on TV, so we didn't opt for the multi-room thing. But it's getting so frustrating with nothing on to watch but knowing that on Sky TV we could get the Discovery Channel, The History Channel and information channels like that with the kinds of things that we'd watch. So I've bit the bullet and decided to go for the multi-room sky thingy. I mentioned it to Mark and sold it to him by saying if we have a Sky Plus box it would mean that we could record things to watch at a later date, so when there is nothing on, we'd have a library of programmes that we could watch at any time. He hummed hand haaaaa'd for a while until I said, he'd be able to watch and record the British Superbikes, World Superbikes and MotoGP (devious women, aren't they? LOL) SOLD! He just said, get it ordered and installed but don't tell me about it. If I don't know, I'll arrive home and it will be there. OK, deal. It's going to cost £10 per month but that's all because Russ already pays for his Sky package. We don't go out drinking or to the Cinema, we don't rent DVD's out (god we sound like we have such a sad life!) so I think we owe it to ourselves to have a bit of entertainment. It was actually quite nice during the evenings this past two weeks to be able to sit together and try to watch the crap on the telly rather than us both be sat at a computer doing our own thing. Hopefully, having programmes that we want to watch available on demand will mean that we can share more evenings together again.


In a couple of months time, I'll be writing a post here complaining about the amount of crap there is on telly, or that I can watch nothing more than Bike racing and football LOL.