Friday, May 28

Dear So and So....

Time for a rant.....

Dear Big Fat Mercedes 4x4 driver

I realise that getting one's children to the swimming pool for their lesson straight after school can sometimes be a bit of a rush. But really, if you'd parked any closer to my car you would have parked on top of it! My car is only a little car. A tiny two door 1.4 Rover.. a baby car compared to your tank of a car. Was it really neccessary to park your extra wide wheels (which were twice the width of mine) well over the white line into my space yet leaving the same amount of space empty at the other side of your car? 3 inches really isn't enough room for me to open the door to the drivers side and get in my car to take my daughter home. I realise that I am larger than some people but even the skinniest person would not have got into the drivers door. My 4 year old couldn't squeeze between the cars! I had to climb over from the passenger side (thank god that driver was a bit more courteous!) and it wasn't an easy task due to my back/hip/knee problems that are being investigated medically. 

I hope you took heed of the note that I left on your windscreen after driving around the carpark to do so. I surprised myself that I left you a polite note rather than a tirade of abuse, especially as I was very angry at the time!

unable to squeeze through a 3 inch gap, Annie

Dear Cat

For god's sake, stop pissing on the sofa cushions!!

sick of washing!

Dear Hubby

I hate to be one to say... I told you so, but as this is in type and you won't see it... I told you so!! 

You keep forgetting that I seem to be Florence Nightingale re-incarnate. Ok, so actually my Dad was a nurse, but that's by the by. I knew the damage you did to your knee wasn't just a sprained ligament. Ok, it might have been to start with, but when you went over on it again and couldn't walk on it all for 6 days and then had to rely on a walking stick, I really do wish you'd listened to me about getting a re-assessement on it.

I'm really sorry your plans to run your first marathon this coming Monday have been scuppered, I know how much you wanted to do it, especially after 9 months of training. I know you'd been kidding yourself on that you'd still be able to run it, but as the physio said yesterday.. no running! You now know that it's going to take several months to get your knee anywhere back to normal. It's bad enough anyone trying to strengthen up a sprained ligament, but you have to heal your whole knee... ligament on the outside of your knee, the one on the inside of the knee and the antierior cruiciate ligament in the middle (that's the one that is going to take some fixing.. it may even need surgery you know.. !) So please listen when the physio tells you not to push it. Thank god she says you can cycle.. otherwise you'd go into caged tiger mode and I'd be moving out!

Your loving, supportive, I told you so wife.